Tuesday 19 February 2019

Episode 45 - Fade to Black

The sofa was lumpy for some reason, and no matter how much he tried to ignore it, or let himself succumb to the sleep he needed, it wouldn’t come.
Faces kept appearing before him.
Jennifer Jones, the woman he met at Central Station, and the fact he was asked to find out if her husband Al was cheating on her with, quite aptly described, a red-headed floozy.  He was not so sure about the label ‘floozy’ though.  Now she wanted to find him, dead or alive.
The faces of Al Jones and Miriam Waters appeared next, at the bar, and he already knew what his wife has requested.  Harry’s not the first PI she had hired, so where were the others and what happened to their investigations?
That was a question he would ask Miriam Waters next time.
Next in the sea of faces was Joseph Jones, shot while out having a morning run.  He hired Harry to find out if his wife, the woman he now knew as Edwina Jones, aka Edwina Morrison, was having an affair with Al.  On the face of it, it seemed utterly ludicrous given her involvement with Brightwater
So that was also a question that technically still didn’t have a definitive answer.
Then there was the woman in red, not Cathy Jones, but Angela Morrison.  She was guilty of something, Harry just couldn’t put his finger on it.  But, now he knew Cathy Jones, daughter of Al, was dead, Angela Morrison was a material witness in that murder if it was a murder, and that Al might or might not be dead, and Angela mysteriously appeared to help him.  Why was she there and was she responsible for Al’s apparent death?  She certainly had the motive and the opportunity.  And maybe even the weapon.
Yes, the weapon.  He had to get back to Outtel and retrieve it.  Sykes could perform some ballistics on it and see if it was the weapon that killed Al, of course, it Al was dead and they found the body.
Angela was also responsible for trying to shake down Al, and Miriam, for the murder of Cathy, and Miriam had given her money.  From where?  Outtel?  Another question that needed an answer.
Things to do:
Find Miriam, presumably at Outtel and ask more questions.  Also, ask Miriam about the previous private investigators
Find Edwina Jones, and talk to her about both Al and Joseph, and her daughter
Go back to Outtel and get the gun to take to Sykes.
There were more tasks on the list but he was too tired to think about what they were.  It would come to him in the morning.
Harry closed his eyes.  For a moment he saw the woman in red.
Trouble, she was nothing but trouble.
He felt a sharp stab of pain in his upper leg.
Was it his imagination or was there someone in the room with him?
No, it was his imagination. It was his last thought as everything went black, and he lost consciousness.

© Charles Heath 2016

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