Friday 24 May 2019

Episode 78 – Angela is not forthcoming

After the tension eased in the room and formal introductions were made, they cleared a space and sat down.

Felicity took the lead. “We’re all looking for answers,” she said.

Angela spoke first, "All I can tell you is that there's no reason why anyone would be searching for anything that could be remotely relevant to the Jones' investigation.  Whatever happened here is because of something else Harry was investigating."

Cori8nne looked sceptically at her, then said, "Because you say so?  I admit I'm at a disadvantage here not knowing a lot about the cases Harry's working on, but once we’ve reported this to the police, I'm going to find out what's going on."

"If you want my opinion, and even if you don't want it, I don't believe you are either an investigator or detective type.  And as for the other two,” Angela gave them a meaningful look, “I really don’t think either of them could be working here either."

This woman was becoming a problem, Felicity thought.  What on earth convinced Harry he should work for such a client?  It'd have to be desperation.

"I'm not particularly interested in your opinions or your advice."

Felicity had to admire Corinne, she was beginning to look like she had the tenacity that Harry lacked.
"Well whatever you might think this job is about, one thing I can tell and I'm sure Harry will back me up on this, is that it can be dangerous, as you are now aware of what happened to your brother.  You start poking around things you know little or nothing about, the same might happen to you."

"Is that a threat?"  A little redness was creeping into Corinne’s cheeks.  

Felicity was beginning to think she might have to step in and cool things down.  Nor had she dropped her suspicions about this woman who called herself Angela Morrison.  If she was interested in the Jones case and had employed her brother, wouldn't she have the surname Jones too?

Her manner was suspicious and her tone was hardly conciliatory, and her last statement sounded like a threat.  Perhaps it was time to show some authority.  She reached into her bag and pulled out the gun.  She didn’t point it at Angela, but the hint was out there she would use it if she had to.

If Angela was worried she didn’t show it.  All she said was, “Point taken.  There is no threat.  I’m just saying this might be a matter for the police, as you say.”

And, Felicity thought, now would be a good time for Sykes to arrive.

When he did if this woman was not who she said he was then Sykes could take her back with him and ask her some serious questions about what it really was she was involved in.

Corinne, now realizing the potential danger she was caught up in, realized this was not exactly what she had imagined working with Harry would be like, and even less so for Daisy, who was now beyond terrified.  Maybe, when Sykes came, she might also get some answers to some of her questions particularly about what happened to Harry, because she didn’t believe for a minute he got hit by a bus, and she also knew Harry was never going to tell her the truth

In the meantime, all three knew they had to keep Angela's attention till then.

"Do you know what happened to Harry?  You seem to know what happens to people poking around in what exactly?"

“I don’t know what exactly.  I saw him being taken from this very office by two men, and I reported it to the police, a detective by the name of Sykes.  He was good enough to call me when a John Doe matching Harry's description was brought in."

So Sykes supposedly knew this woman, and he also knew that Harry had been abducted.  It would be an interesting reunion then when he arrived.

“You say Sykes knew about what happened to him?”  Corinne, too, had understood what this woman had said.

“I called the station and asked for him.  He wasn’t there so I left a message.  I assumed it got to him.”
"Then you’ve been here before?  It sounds like you are more friends than having a strictly working relationship."

"I can also assure you it is not personal.  We've been in a scrape or two but that's about it.  For the record, I'm not his type."

Odd she should utter those very words because Corinne’s mother had said exactly the same thing about a man she was once interested in.  What the hell exactly was his, or her, type anyway?
Corinne shrugged.  "Too much information.  How about you tell us about the case you have Harry working on."

"I doubt it will contribute anything of use as to what happened to him.  The people who attacked your brother were ruthless professionals.  He must have another case, and perhaps it was his case notes they were looking for."

Corinne and Felicity looked at each other.  A tacit agreement not to mention the address on the piece of paper.

Angela picked up one of the files on the desktop, opened it, and then tossed it back.  "I don't think so.  A lost cat seems hardly a good reason to toss the place."

Felicity picked up the file, looked at it too, then tossed it back.  "Hardly the stuff thrillers are based on."

Then she gave Angela a measured look.  "You can cut the crap now, and tell us about the Jones case."

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