Saturday 4 May 2019

Episode 75 – Searching for Corinne

Felicity had one piece of information that would lead her to Corinne, the fact she was still living at home.  Harry had given her a general description, perhaps the most telling, the bright red curly hair that needed cutting, in Harry’s opinion.

When she saw her leaving the house with another girl about her age, the one more distinctive feature was her height, taller than her companion, and taller than most girls Felicity knew, older or younger.
Given Harry’s height, he probably didn’t think anything of that particular attribute.

From there it was a simple matter of following the two girls, both oblivious to the fact anyone was watching them, a matter that she was going to rectify once she introduced herself.

But not yet.

Felicity followed them to the precinct and saw them meet up with a detective, and from his appearance, and another description from Harry was the detective known as Sykes.  Harry had told her he looked, at times, dishevelled, but not to let his appearance fool her.

In her opinion, the jury would remain out of that until she met him in person.

She waited outside, in a good position where she could keep an eye on the station, and everyone near it. Once, she had thought she had seen a man also following them, but he had not caught the train in time, so she assumed she had been mistaken.

Then, quite by accident, she thought she saw the man again.  It could just be a coincidence, but given the trouble Harry had finished up in, she wasn’t taking any chances.

When Corinne and her friend came back out onto the street, and started walking towards the direction of Harry’s office, she waited for that extra minute and then saw him again.

Not a coincidence.

He was following them.  She took several photos of the man, including as good a shot of his face as she could, so she could try to identify him later.

Then she fell in behind him and noticed he was equally as oblivious to being followed as the girls were.  He was not very good at certain aspects of his job.

The girls led them both to Harry’s office.

The man remained at street level, where, after he waited for the girls to go into the building moved to a spot where he could watch the front entrance without raising suspicion, and made a call on his cell phone.

He was working for someone who was interested in Harry, and in turn, anyone associated with him.  A good thing, then, he did not know of her association with Harry, leaving her free, after watching the man settle in, to follow them into the building.

She knew which floor Harry’s office was on and took the stairs.

Once on the floor, she stealthily approached the door, which she noticed was open, and then, taking a deep breath went in.

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