Tuesday 5 May 2020

Case 2 - You can't pick your relatives - 2

In order for Harry to investigate the whereabouts of his missing father, though there are varying opinions in regard to that, he is going back to his father's legal practice.

There, he is going to find a variety of family members, and relatives, some of who he'd rather not see, but unfortunately, he's going to have to.

The following is a short resume of several more of his family members:

Walter Walthenson – grandfather – dead

Left a ghastly mess when he died before he had managed to get the affairs of the practice or his life in order.  He had a heart attack, suspiciously thought to have been brought on by his new 21-year-old wife, Alicia.

Married to and divorced from his first wife Giselle White, after 55, years, married a second time to Alicia Wentworth, a 21-year-old who was accused of being a gold digger.

Strange then that her husband died exactly one year after they were married, and at a time when Walthenson was in the process of changing his will, but hadn’t, and had left just about his entire estate to Alicia, including the most important, the whole practice.

Giselle White – grandmother

Walter Walthenson’s first wife, and whom he started the practice with, in those days called Walthenson and White.  

She refused to leave the practice after the divorce, and after reaching retirement age, took over the library and filing department, and now resides in the equivalent to what might be called a basement.
She was acknowledged as a better lawyer than her husband.

Unlike Harry’s mother and father, Giselle didn’t have a problem with Alicia and the two get along reasonably well.

She takes a very close interest in Harry’s business, to the extent she had arranged for one of her friend’s children to become Harry’s personal assistant so she could monitor his activities.

Alicia Wentworth – step-grandmother

Decided early on in her life that if she was to make something of herself, she had to make it happen.  Studied law, putting herself through law school, chanced upon a vacancy at Walthenson and White and then proceeded to ‘steal’ Walter away from Giselle.

She succeeded and on her 21st Birthday married Walter Walthenson.

A Year later Walter was dead, and she had a large percentage of the practice and all of his money, causing no end of resentment from Xavier, and his brother and sister, both of whom left the practice in protest.

Alicia is very straightforward, and a 'what you see is what you get' person.

© Charles Heath 2020

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