Tuesday 13 August 2019

Case 1 - Episode 102 - Harry talks to Felicity

Harry thought it was time to call Felicity.  Given the circumstances of her last 24 hours, she might not want to hear from him, but Harry thought it might be useful to get some facts about what had happened.
He was angry with her, but he had asked her to keep an eye on Corinne, and she had to what could be a great personal cost.  He had no ideas what it was like to shoot someone, but it couldn’t leave you in a good place.
When she answered the phone, she didn’t sound very well.
“Sykes just told me what happened.  It’s my fault, and I’m sorry I got you into this mess.”
“Don’t be.  I jumped in with both feet, and both eyes wide open.”
“What happened?”
She took several minutes to go through the events, chapter and verse, if only to get a more clear picture of what had happened in her own mind.
When she finished he said, “I should not have asked you to keep an eye on what is now obviously a very silly girl.”
“We both found it, and she did say she was not going to do anything stupid.  But, I guessed what it was she might do and followed her.  Good thing I did.”
“Well, she won’t do any more harm, I’ve told her to go to our aunt’s in Chicago.”
“You think she will?”
“If you’re there to make sure she does.  I know I have no right to ask, but I have to chase down a lead now, and would do it myself if I could.”
“Sykes is having my licence suspended pending an investigation.  But, I don’t need that to make sure a friend gets to where she’s supposed to be.  You think she will be safe?”
“Knowing my aunt as I do, yes.  Thanks.”
“This lead?  Does it involve Angela?”
“It does.  Why?”
“Be careful.  She’s an inveterate liar and she thinks she had you wrapped around her little finger.”
“I know.  It’s taken far too long to realise what’s she’s been doing.”
“Then take care.  I’ll call you when she’s on the train.”

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