Tuesday 2 July 2019

When writing in haste, there's always a re-write in the offing

Sadly, when putting together the last few episodes, I didn't quite think the whole of the plotline through.  That's probably because I had one of several running through my head, none of which were the original idea I had for the end.

And, of course, to match the title, 'A Case of Working With the Jones Brothers'

In a sense, it was partly that, but in developing the end, there was a whole lot more in play, such as explaining why so many people had died, and for what reason.

And with the addition of new characters, one or two seemed to have got forgotten towards the end, so I've had to go back and make sure they haven't simply disappeared.

That's why Episode 61 has been revised, because Ellen, Harry's personal assistant, wasn't mentioned again after he was kidnapped.

Then there is Felicity, another private investigator who Harry met at a convention, and has suddenly come into his life.  She gets more seriously involved, and there are ramifications that will play out in episodes past 90.

But, of course, in the end, the main motivation for those who do wrong is nearly always about the two things that mattered the most, revenge and money and that will see us through to the end where the perpetrators will be unmasked.

So, bear with me while I fix up the relevant episodes and republish then over the coming days, and then it will be full steam ahead to the end.

After all, this is still a work in progress.

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