Sunday 2 June 2019

Episode 80 – Sykes calls Felicity

Felicity’s cell phone rang, and it was showing no number.  An unknown caller.  She put her hand up, saying to Angela, “if you could wait a moment longer.  I’ve got to take this call.”
She then went out to the main office.
“My name is Sykes.  I’ve got your name from the janitor at Walthenson’s building, says you have information about the break-in there.”
“Aren’t you supposed to be coming here?”
“Are you there now?”
“Yes.  With Corinne, the girl you met at the station.”
“And who are you exactly?”
“I am working with Harry on some of his cases.  He asked me to look in and I found the place turned over.  I told the janitor to call it in.”
“OK.  I cannot get there for another hour, so I would appreciate it if you would stay.  I would suggest you sent Corrine and her friend home.  They should not get mixed up in this.”
“Agreed.  Till then.”
Angel came out of the office.  “I have to go.  If there’s nothing more.”
“I’d appreciate your phone number so I can call you if necessary.”
“Of course.”  She found a sheet of paper and wrote the number on it.
“Now, if there’s nothing else.”
Felicity shrugged.  She wasn’t going to be able to keep Angela there.  She watched her leave, then went back into the inner office.
“Sykes is not coming.  I think you two should go home now and leave me to worry about this mess.  I’ll call you if anything breaks.”
“Harry would not ask me to step in if he didn’t think it was necessary.  Like I said, I will keep you completely informed if anything happens.  Until then, you’ll be safe at home.”
Daisy looked pleased they were leaving and had stood, ready to go.
Corinne was reluctant, but there was nothing she could do to change Felicity’s mind.  But there was something she could do, and would.  Tomorrow.
“Fine.  Come on Daisy.  Let’s go.”
Felicity waited until they had stepped into the lift, then headed for the back stairs.  There was still the problem of that man who had been following them.
She just managed to reach the side of the building as Corinne and Daisy came out the front entrance, heading for the subway, a path that would lead them past both her and the man.  Only the man was no longer where he had been, and as hard as she looked for him, he was nowhere to be seen.
Perhaps he had given up waiting for them.
Somehow she didn’t think whoever it was that had an interest in Corinne was going to give up that easily.  She just hoped Corinne wouldn’t do anything stupid.

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