Friday 3 May 2019

Episode 74 – A discovery, not

“You stay here and don’t touch anything,” Corinne told Daisy.

Daisy had no intention of going anywhere, except back out the front door, as soon as possible.

“We should go.  This is a police matter.”

“I need to check a few things first so that I can report it to Harry and the police.”

“Then be careful.”

Moving to and standing in the middle of the main office, she did a slow three-sixty degree turn, taking it in.  Odd that the settee looked like it had been slept on.  Was it possible this was where Harry was living?

She made a mental note and moved on.

The next question forming in her mind was, did the break-in have anything to do with the Jones cases?

Perhaps she could ask Sykes whether he thought the break-in might be connected.  Certainly, his arrival would be fortuitous in the fact she could report the break-in if it had not already been, not there was much he could do about it after the fact.  She doubted the perpetrators would have left anything incriminating behind like fingerprints.

It was then she realized how little she knew about what had happened to her brother after he left home.  It couldn't have been easy because his father had cut off his allowance, and to top it off, neither her parents nor her brothers mentioned him or seemed to care what happened to him.

She went into his office, also a mess, but in a different way, and sat behind the desk.  Comfortable chair.  Like any other curious person, she started looking in the drawers, most left open by whoever had searched the office and mostly the contents had been left untouched or placed carefully on the desktop.  Except for the bottom two, which had been pulled out and left upside down under the window.

She gave the papers and files on the desk a cursory look but they just seemed to be case notes written on legal paper in his spidery scrawl.

She started with the most bottom drawers and moved up.  There was nothing of any interest except for one where there was an unopened bottle of single malt and two glasses.  She put all three items on the desk in case she needed a drink later.

Then a thought occurred to her.  She had watched those insufferable movies with him and remembered one where the PI had taped a file to the underside of the desk above the top drawer.
She pulled out the drawer on the left-hand side and felt under the desktop.


She felt a little dispirited but moved to the other side, removing the top drawer then feeling under the desktop.

Still nothing.

Nor was there anything taped to the underside of any drawer in the desk.

But, casting a glance behind her, she noticed a fragment of paper taped to the underside of one of the drawers.

There had been a piece of paper taped to the underside of that drawer, but it was now gone.

The intruder hadn’t gone unrewarded.

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