Friday 5 April 2019

Episode 62 -The 'Impossible' task

Corinne could not believe what she had just done.  
If her parents found out she would be grounded for life.  A fairly impressive punishment seeing she was over the age of twenty-one.
She had watched Harry defy their parents, and walk away from the family fortune.  Her other two bothers were scaredy-cats and did as they were told.  She, on the other hand, didn’t have to follow the family tradition, even if she wanted to.  Her job, her mother said, was to marry money and increase the family’s wealth and position.
Didn’t that die out in the early 1800s or something, she had thought at the time.  It was what she read about in historical romances, and perhaps that’s where her mother got the idea from.  It was not what happened in this day and age.  Women were emancipated and could do what they liked.
She spent too many years at University, had degree upon degree, and patiently sat through excruciating dinners with families and boys that her parents specially selected as possible candidates in marriage.
She wanted to pick her own man, someone she could gradually fall in love with, enjoy spending their time together, compatible with the ideas and tastes.  Sons of Bankers’, Financial Institutions, Politicians, Transportation moguls, and Doctors were not what she was looking for.
The idea had come to her on the way up in the elevator in the hospital.  She could pretend to be seeing Harry in hospital, and instead, do his job for him while he was incapacitated. 
How hard could it be?
There would be a danger, but anything would be better than sitting around at home being bored to tears or doing that mundane job her parents had conjured up to keep her ready for the right marital opportunity.
But the test...
She didn’t for one minute think he was going to let her join him, whether she completed the task or not, but, just for own satisfaction, she was going to try.
On the other hand, he might do it just to defy their parents.  Harry had always been headstrong and committed.  Even when he was wrong.
Yes, the odds were in her favor.
All she had to do was find the grubby policeman, Sykes.
And that would be easy, using her newly found Private Detective skills; she knew her mother had taken Sykes’ card, just in case she wanted to call him about Harry.
She smiled to herself.  Really, this was going to be easy peasy

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