Friday 15 March 2019

A title for the first Walthenson Case

Even on the second time through a title doesn't seem to present itself.
Or if one comes to mind it seems to be too suggestive of the ending.
I guess I need to take lessons on the art of creating subtle mystery titles for a private detective, or perhaps any sort of detective, story.
I've got the easy bit, 'The Case of the...', now I need the rest, and not give anything away.
So, what are the elements
Jealous brothers, or apparently so, on the word of others.  Are they trying to sow the seeds of distraction from what's really going on?
It's like some murders, not only do you kill the extended victim but you kill a few more in a similar manner and a pattern that hides the true motive.
Unless you're Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot.  Seems they are the only two who can see through that little charade.
One brother is ostensibly having an affair with the office manager.  Apparently, he's not.
He says his brother is ostensibly having an affair with his wife.  Apparently, he's not.
One brother dies, the other apparently does.
Has Walthenson been selected for the job because he's only new at the job, and will easily be led by the nose? 
Then there are the red herrings. 
There are always red herrings and false leads, indicating that there are far too obvious suspects who on the surface have no alibis.
Perhaps, in a way, it’s like trying to keep up with the Jones, you know, that old saying?
Actually, it sort of works
The case of keeping up with the Jones’.
A case of keeping up with the Jones'

We'll see.

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