Wednesday 16 January 2019

Episode 32 - Brightwater in deep water

Harry had to admit things were going from bad to worse. 
Al had lied, the woman in the red dress had lied, and now he had lied.  He had handled the murder weapon.  All that was saving him from life in prison was the lack of a body and the hidden gun.
Sykes came bounding back up the stairs and came over to us.
“Seems there’s been some activity by the loading dock, blood and such.  I’m getting forensics to look into it.  How much they pay you to stall calling the police so they could get away?”
His theoretical charge list moved from murder to aiding and abetting.
“What?  Are you mad?  I did nothing of the sort.”
Sykes nodded to his assistant.  "Take him back to the station for questioning.  I want to know everything by the time I get back.  You have an hour."
Harry assumed from his manner that Buteske was not altogether happy with Sykes approach to police work.
After a short distance, Buteske turned to Harry, and said, "You do realize you’ve opened a can of worms working with these people, don’t you?  I mean, do you actually do any homework on people before you take them on as clients?"
At this stage of his career, Harry couldn’t afford to be picky.  But at the very least he should have done a more extensive check of his ‘clients’. "It was work, and I’m not yet in a position where I can pick and choose."
"Don't you read the papers?"
Although he wouldn't admit it, he didn't read as much as he should.  Nor watch the news on TV.  "Why?"
"Both Al and Joe were about to sue Brightwater over some loss-making deals he made.  It involves a rather large sum of money.  I thought you knew."

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