Thursday 8 December 2022

Case 2 - Episode 42 - Sykes is at the crime scene

Sykes arrived not long after two other police cars and four officers who immediately secured the crime site and gathered up all the witnesses.

Sykes arrived soon after the officers with another detective, a woman, who proceeded to direct the officers while Sykes picked out Felicity and went straight to her.

"Are you alright?"

Felicity was anything but alright, that time between the incident, the removal of the body in such a swift and efficient manner, and the arrival of the police, she had turned over a number of scenarios in her mind, none of them good.

"No.  That could have been me."

"It wasn't, and I doubt they, whoever they are, were after you, though a warning not to get too involved in this might be appropriate.  What were you doing here anyway?"

"Following a suspect in a case, that led to Argeter.  He's one of Mr. Walthenson's friends."

"Was, perhaps.  Yes.  Anything else."

"He met up with Alex Portman."

"Who is?"

"Possible candidate for the upcoming council election."

"And how is she relevant to which of your investigations?"

"Harry and I are checking out two of the Walthenson's practice women, I've got Alicia Wentworth, he's got his paternal grandmother, Giselle.  Alicia met up with Alex Portman, and curious, I switched to Alex who led me here."

"Did you see it happen?"

"No, there was what I thought, and others too, and explosion behind us, which was a distraction, apparently, long enough to divert our attention, so I only just saw the aftermath, Argeter collapsing, and then, very quickly after that, then the ambulance that took him away.  I took photos."

"Well organized, and obviously prepared."

"But how would they, whoever they are, know that he was here?  It's a reasonably random meeting, time and spot, given Alex wasn't sure when she'd be finished with Alicia, certainly time-wise."

"Tracking him by cell phone, I suspect."

"You'd think he'd be smarter than that and be using a burner."


In the distance, his partner was calling Jim over to the spot where Argeter fell.

"Stay here.  I'm going to Argeter’s place before anyone else gets there.  Let me sort this out, and I'll be back in a few minutes."

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