Friday 3 July 2020

Case 2 - Some supplementary characters - 2

In order for Harry to investigate the whereabouts of his missing father, though there are varying opinions in regard to that, he is going back to his father's legal practice.

There, he is going to find a variety of family members, and relatives, some of who he'd rather not see, but unfortunately, he's going to have to.

There are, of course, others who are involved in the story, and these are some more:

Jason Prenderville

Has been at the top of the list of the FBI’s most wanted, the perpetrator of all manner of crimes, reputed head of the Prenderville family.

As no one has heard from him for over a year, it is presumed that he is dead, but Sykes thinks he is in hiding after a hit gone wrong on another crime family’s head.

Mason Prenderville

The younger brother of Jason, and rumored to have killed his older brother to take over the family business.  Currently in jail serving a life sentence, allegedly for the crimes that his brother committed.

There was never any love lost between the brothers.

Mandy Prenderville

Reputedly the head of the Prenderville family, and who had allegedly cleaned up the criminal activities and now is the head of a conglomerate of legitimate businesses.

She is also the head of the Prenderville Charity Trust, and spends most of her time at the Trust.
Sykes does not believe the Prenderville’s, under Mandy, has ceased all illegal activities.

She may have arranged for the killing of Jason, and the sending to prison of Mason in order to get control of the family business.  She is far more ruthless than the two brothers.

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