Monday 4 May 2020

Case 2 - You can't pick your relatives - 1

In order for Harry to investigate the whereabouts of his missing father, though there are varying opinions in regard to that, he is going back to his father's legal practice.

There, he is going to find a variety of family members, and relatives, some of who he'd rather not see, but unfortunately, he's going to have to.

The following is a short resume of each of his immediate family members:

Xavier Walthenson – father

A parent who had strong feelings about his children following him into the legal profession, as Harr’s brothers, Robert and Jeremy, did.  He freely admitted to Harry that he had dealings with Jones brothers, and Harry discovered, has something to do with the mysterious vacant block at the docks.

He has been acting oddly and has now disappeared.  Or not.  It’s hard to work out if he has just gone off like apparently, he does sometimes, or he has actually gone.

He has had more that one affair and Elsie has known about them, which gives his wife the leverage to do what she wants.

Has in the past organized a number of charitable events on behalf of the Prenderville Charity, in conjunction with one of his golfing partners, Emile Florenz.

Elsie Wilkinson – Mother

Harry’s mother, and as equally as disinterested in Harry’s activities, and did not raise an eyebrow when Sykes went to visit Harry’s parents to tell them Harry had got into serious trouble.

She was a law student herself and will meet several of the characters in the latest story that relate to those days, including one who was an old boyfriend.

She comes from a very old family from Boston, the Wilkinson’s, who are very, very wealthy.

She comes to Harry after receiving a note from her husband that purports to tell her that he is leaving and not to try and find him.  She has no idea where he’s gone, but Harry thinks it has something to do with the vacant block of land.

She has no interest in working in the legal practice and spends her time working on her ‘projects’.  She, too, has had affairs.

Robert Walthenson – Eldest Brother

Robert is Harry’s older brother, and the prodigal son, the one who will inherit his father’s share in the legal practice, i.e. keep the Walthenson name in the practice name.

He is exactly like his father, down to having affairs with married women, and not being the best lawyer in the practice.  He had nothing but contempt for his brother Harry.

He also has a ‘thing’ for his father’s personal assistant, Merilyn Watson

Jeremy Walthenson – Middle brother

Less dedicated to his job, Jeremy is more the party boy, that needs to be censured every now and them.  For him, working in his father’s practice is a necessary drudge, he is envious of Harry’s good fortune to escape the legal ‘prison.  He has a thing for Sandy Worstfold, brother Robert’s personal assistant.

Corinne Walthenson – Younger sister

Corinne’s parents have no desire for her to become a lawyer, and, in fact, it is her mother’s idea that she should marry well, and become a mother, something Corinne cannot understand.

University student, and part time investigator, having forced her way in the door.  She and her friend Milly, from University, are impulsive, and, at times, careless.  Going to visit the vacant site in the dock area was a bad mistake, leading to Felicity accidentally shooting a man who had been looking out for visitors and reporting back to an unknown person.

That single act is going to bring her unforeseen trouble.

© Charles Heath 2020

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