Thursday 6 June 2019

Episode 84 – Saving a fool from herself

Felicity didn’t trust Corinne.  It was almost as if she could see Corinne’s fingers crossed behind her back when she said she wouldn’t do anything when they both instinctively knew she would.

That address would be burning a hole in her pocket, and like Felicity, she wanted to know what significance the address had in her brother’s near death experience.

The difference between Felicity and Corinne was that Felicity knew it was going to cause trouble and was ready for it.  Corinne was not.

And, as she expected, Corinne had gone home, pottered until it was dark, and then made her move.  She was easy enough to follow, the car she drove was a distinctive yellow, and slow enough to drive anyone stuck behind her crazy.

In a sense, it was a good thing because she nearly gave Felicity the slip on two occasions, but, not knowing she was being followed, and her slow driving meant Felicity couldn’t lose her even if she tried.

Felicity had entered the address into her GPS, and guessed Corinne had done the same, because Corinne was following the exact same route the GPS was displaying.

About 100 yards from the address, Corinne drove her car into an alley and made sure she was facing out towards the road, as if she was expecting trouble.  Good idea, Felicity thought.  She parked in a lay-by just before the alley and has switched off both the headlights and engine by the time Corinne emerged from the alley onto the street.

From where Felicity was standing, the street was empty, or it looked empty.  It was not exactly anywhere near a busy thoroughfare, so it was unlikely they would be disturbed by passing traffic.
Felicity watched her cross the road and head up along the fence line towards the block in question.  It did not seem to have a building on it.  On the other side of the street were old buildings, and a multitude of places for an assailant to hide.

She brought her night binoculars with her, and scanned the building side of the street for any movement, or, if she was lucky enough, any surveillance.

Nothing so far.

Back to Corinne who was now standing outside the fence, or what looked to be a gate, and she was shaking it.  Locks didn’t come apart by shaking them.

She returned her binoculars to the other side of the street, and saw a shadow barely protruding from the building behind it.  Whatever was at that address must be relatively important if there was 24/7 surveillance on it.

By the time the shadow retreated, she guessed Corinne was coming back, and Felicity watched her all the way back to her car.  So, it was surveillance and report, not apprehend and torture, at least not this time.

This was what caused Harry to be kidnapped.

Something about this block at this address.

And the shadow was most likely the same person who had reported on Harry.

When Corinne had driven past, on her way back home, Felicity headed towards where she saw the shadow, keeping very close to the walls of the buildings.  She was hoping the shadow would not realize there were two people who’d come to check the block, and that she might catch him or her unaware.

She arrived just in time to hear the shadow say, “I'll see to it myself.”

She had brought her gun and raised it, then stepped out of the shadow.

“What will you see to yourself?”

The man saw her, moved, then stopped when he saw the gun.  Then relaxed.

“You’re a little young to be running around with a gun, missy.  This is private land and you’re trespassing.”

“This is an open thoroughfare.  I’ll ask again, what will you be seeing to?”

“That’s none of your business.  I suggest you go home and forget what you think you’ve seen.”

Her hand began to shake and she was beginning to lose her nerve.  The man noticed it and lunged.
A loud bang pierced the night and silence, so loud it rang in her ears.  She saw the man’s face and the look of utter surprise on it as it slid past her on the way to the ground.

Her first shot in the field and it hit the target.

By accident.

She had no intention of shooting him, but he had lunged, frighten her making her pull the trigger.  What did her father say, never have your finger wrapped around the trigger unless you meant to shoot?

Seconds later he was on the ground and blood leaking from his stomach area.  It looked bad.  He was not dead, but he didn’t look all that good.

“You shot me.”  Indignation mingled with pain.

“You made me.  All you had to do was answer the question.  Instead, you startled me.”

“A goddamn girl shot me.  Christ, how am I supposed to explain this?  Who the hell are you?”

“A friend of Harry Walthenson.  I’m sure he came here too, and you took care of him.”

“I did nothing of the kind.  I just report to the boss who comes here.  What he does with it is his business.  This is ridiculous.”  He tried to get up but couldn’t.  He glared up at her.  “Call an ambulance and the police.  I’d like to see you explain this.”

“Not until you tell me who the boss is?”

“No.  He’ll kill you for this.  Call an ambulance and get the hell out of here.”

“So you can come after me later.  No.  Answers first.”

He grimaced.  The pain was getting worse.  “OK.  Florenz, the man’s name is Florenz.  Now call me a goddamn ambulance and get out of here.”

She dialled the number and reported the address, but not the exact details of the injury then got in her car and drove off.  Two minutes later she passed the ambulance going in the other direction, followed by a police car.

She had a name, not that it meant anything at the moment, but that was surpassed by the dreaded feeling that if the man survived, he was definitely going to come after her.

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