Thursday 28 March 2019

Harry's sister, Corinne - Trouble with a capital T

I'm not sure what prompted me to come up with the idea of giving Harry a sister, but it was borne out of a need perhaps to counter Angela having any influence over Harry if that's at all possible.

Whilst Harry may have these strange notions about being a Private Detective and the desire to help damsels in distress, thoughts provoked by his favorite book, The Maltese Falcon, and his efforts to bring them into real life, it seems his wish is almost granted on two fronts.

Jennifer Jones, the sophisticated wife of Al, and Angela Morrison, the enigmatic daughter of Edwina Jones, or now Morrison, having reverted back to her former name.

Angela, of course, is an unknown quantity who appears at a defining moment, seemingly to rescue him rather than the other way around, and uses this influence and rapport to guide Harry's investigation in a direction other than where he might want it to lead, having been beguiled by her to some extent.

That needed a foil, and in the original draft, Corinne had joined the cast for just that reason.

She is a rather interesting character in her own right, and battling parents with rather anachronistic beliefs, much the same as Harry had, but for different reasons. 

Harry left because he didn't want to follow in the family's footsteps and tradition and was cut off and cast out.  Since he didn't care about his so-called inheritance, it didn't bother him.  It's the reason why Sykes is rather astonished at his parent's cold-hearted attitude towards their son.

Corinne, as the only daughter, was seen by her parents as a means to consolidate the family's wealth and power, a tradition that everyone but them knew belonged in the 18th century, not in modern times.  She has no desire to marry for convenience, nor after spending so much time at University, did she want to waste that education on being a records clerk, or being a dutiful wife.

Cautiously, of course, because there is that small thing called inheritance, and she doesn't want to make her parents outright enemies just as Harry did, so everything she is about to do has to be kept on the down low.

But how long she stays in this latest draft remains to be seen.  She wants to become Harry's partner in the detecting business, where Harry would much prefer Felicity, but all that might be moot when Corinne makes the same mistake Harry made that led to him being left for dead in a wasteland.

Once again, even in the third draft of the story, I'm still flying by the seat of my pants, and almost anything can happen between now and the next few revised episodes. 

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