Friday 22 February 2019

We now go back to what was hinted at in episodes one and two

In episodes one and two we find a Harry who is lamenting the days when problems seemed so far away, and chasing after lost cats and dogs was not so bad after all.


Well in episode three our intrepid private investigator overhears a one-sided conversation while waiting for his 'absent-minded' uncle.

It was a conversation he was not meant to hear and probably wouldn't have if his uncle had been more prompt.

Alas, he did.

And it was to have catastrophic consequences and not only for him

Of course, it has nothing to do with the Jones' cases, but it's another event in the learning curve of our rookie private investigator and will lead him in a director he never thought he would take.

But, that's in the future.

All you need to know now is that things are about to get very, very difficult for Harry.

After reading this, then read Episodes 1a and 2a, as the prologue to what is about to happen over the next few episodes, starting at 46.

And, just as an aside,

I'm not sure, in the final draft of the novel that will come out of all these episodes, that the original two episodes may end up following episode 45, and remove the concept of a prologue for the story.

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