Sunday 13 January 2019

Episode 31 - A daughter, no

They found nothing on him.  Quick thinking had saved him.
For the moment.
It was still possible they would search the office from top to bottom, but that would be tomorrow and Harry planned to be somewhere else by then.
Sykes just grunted when he heard the searching officer’s report, and went back downstairs.
His partner, a detective by the name of Wally Buteske, came down the stairs from an upper level, his expression conveying that he had just been wasting his time.
I got along with him better than Sykes.
“Nothing,” I asked.
“Nothing.  What happened?”
“I was talking to Al in the parking lot and someone hit me from behind.  Next thing I know I’m here, lying next to a dead body.  Al Jones.  It shakes you up, the first, I mean seeing it close up like that.”
“You get used to it.”
He pulled over a chair and sat down.  If it was anything like any of Sykes other cases, it was going to be a long night.
”Is anything happening in the Joseph Jones case?  I asked Al if he did it, and he said Joe was the brains of the outfit.  Makes you wonder what Jeremy Brightwater’s roles is all of this?”
“At the moment we don’t really know.  He’s apparently gone missing and no one seems to know where he is.”
“So would I if two of the other partner’s suddenly turned up dead.”
“Sykes is still toying with the idea you might have done it.”
“Be a bit silly if I started killing clients wouldn’t it?”
“We have to consider all of the possibilities.  After all, you have been at both the murder scenes so you had the opportunity, maybe motive.  Al’s wife, Jennifer, seems the sort who could persuade a man to do anything for her.”
An older man, maybe, but not me.  She was as old as my mother.
“Al got any family, other than a wife?”
“No daughter?”
He shook his head.  “Where did you get that idea?”
“Just asking.”
And now panicking.  Who the hell was the woman in the red dress?

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