Tuesday 18 December 2018

Episode 27 – Questions from the floor

“No.  No police.”
Harry looked down at the body for almost a minute, as if he was expecting Al to start breathing again.  It was odd, he thought, but something had changed since the first time he’d seen Al on the floor.
He shook his head.  It was not possible.  Al was dead.
Just the same, he reached out to check for a pulse.
“What are you doing?”  It wasn’t exactly a shriek, but it was enough to stop him.
“Checking to see if there is a pulse.  He might be still alive.”
“A bullet wound to the heart, I don’t think so.  Just leave the body.  It’s giving me the creeps.”
In that dark and gloomy, musty smelling room, she was right.  I stood up.
“We have to find out who did this.”  An odd reaction from a daughter that seemed glad he was dead.
“My money is on Brightwater.”
“Are you a detective or a fool?”
“He’s the last man standing.  Please don't tell me you’re in a relationship with him?”
“Once, but not now.  I’ve moved on.  Finance and money isn’t my thing unless you count spending it.”
By the look of her, she had expensive tastes, a woman he couldn’t afford. 
"Where are we?”  Perhaps it was the first question he should have asked the mysterious woman.
"In the basement of the Outtel Finance Company building.”
“What are you doing down here?”
“I heard noises and came to investigate."
It didn’t exactly answer the question.  “I mean, at Outtel?”
“I received a text message to meet my mother here.”
“How did you get in?”
“I work here.”
Of course, she was a Jones.  It is a family business.
Then something else struck him, that she was hardly the grieving daughter. "I don't understand your lack of emotion."
"I was close to doing it myself.  Someone saved me the effort.  He killed any feelings I had towards him six months ago.  If it wasn't for the job, and the money, I’d be long gone."
What the hell, she was more of a realist than some.  It was, however, an attribute the police would no doubt misinterpret.
He patted his pockets looking for his mobile phone.  It was missing.  "Where can I find a phone?"
"Upstairs.  Turn right at the top, the passage will take you to the front foyer.  The lights should still be on.  Dial 9 for a line out."
He turned to leave and made it as far as the door.
"You might need this."  She threw him the gun and he caught it by the barrel.
"I don't think so."
"Keep it.  Just in case."
He dropped it into his pocket.  "Coming?"
"I’m right behind you."

© Charles Heath 2016-2018

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