Wednesday 14 November 2018

Episode 10 - Brothers

Harry waited until he was back in his car before he looked more closely at the photograph.
If it was Al’s brother, there was no family resemblance, but, on the other hand, there was a sort of familiarity with his face, as if he had seen him before, somewhere.
Definitely, they were opposites.  Al looked the epitome of a thug, his brother looked like he would be more at home in a mansion.  Both wore expensive suits, so there was money involved.
Was Jennifer Jones looking for a divorce and a large financial settlement?
He turned the photograph over and there was an address written hastily on the back.  One of the more exclusive suburbs.
Another look at the man in the photograph and Harry had to wonder what Al’s game was.  It felt like a game.  How many investigators did he say came before him?  Three.  And none of them had success in getting evidence on either of the two, because Harry was sure Al would have made the same play with the other three.
Did they just take the money and make up some story?
He looked in the grubby envelope thinking it would have a wad of twenties given how thick it was, but no, it was a mix of fifties and hundreds, used, nonsequential, untraceable, and definitely, a lot more than the five thousand Al said he was paying him.
Was this overpayment an incentive to finish the job, or take the money and go away.  Obviously, the other three investigators took the hint.
And it was not lost on him that he was treading the very murky waters of client confidentiality, or that what he was doing was downright unethical.
This was his first real case and he was still brimming with enthusiasm.  For a moment, greed overtook common sense.

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